Integrity, Respect, Trust

For us at Dau Int. integrity comes first, face to face with our candidates, clients and employees, by emphasizing trust and respect in all our decisions.

Competent Flexibility

Dau Int. is a business partner of great competence and flexibility. We achieve our goals by adapting quickly to change.

For us freedom always goes together with personal responsibility. We show our competence in proactive actions, good preparation and perseverance in finishing the things we started.

Information Feedback

We benefit from structured communication by providing open feedback and acknowledgment on a regular basis.

Our communication is authentic and always focused on providing an additional benefit.

We are utilizing the potential of our system and emphasizing on quality and complete (system-) information.

Burning ambitions

Burning ambitions are our fuel for a continuous step-by-step development of our business, our personalities as well as our great processes.

Company and Employees

Dau Int. profits from bringing people together, in order to provide a transparent, stable and flexible working environment, which allows for the individual to fully maximize their development potential.

Our goals

We strive always for the best commitment through exclusive service level agreements with our customers.